Beretta is an Italian firearms manufacturer that has been making quality guns for over 500 years. The company is renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, producing firearms for a range of applications, including hunting, sport shooting, and personal defense. Beretta’s product line includes pistols, shotguns, rifles, and revolvers, all of which are built with superior materials and precision engineering. In particular, the Beretta 92 pistol is one of the most widely used and respected handguns in the world, known for its reliability, accuracy, and durability. Beretta’s commitment to quality has earned it a loyal following among military and law enforcement organizations as well as sport shooters and enthusiasts. With a rich history and reputation for excellence, Beretta remains a top choice for those seeking high-quality firearms.


The encircled arrows represent the three shots fired by a battleship that engages a potential enemy: the arrow on the left represent the first warning shot, fired at the ship’s stern; the arrow on the right represents the second warning shot, fired at the ship’s bow. This logo has remained the same since 1526, when Bartolomeo Beretta first supplied arquebus gun barrels to the Venetian military.