Firearms fall victim to two particular enemies that attempt to destroy their function, value, and purpose. These two enemies are rust and politicians.

Let’s face it – we are all guilty of overlooking a firearm (or two), only to discover that our wonderful Georgia humidity has left its mark.

Some make the mistake of turning to YouTube and trying the latest and greatest method of taking care of this problem.

Personally, we are a little skeptical of any person who “knows the best way” is using a roll of duct tape for a armorer’s bench block and refers to certain parts of a firearm’s anatomy as “this thingy here”.

Proper care and maintenance of your firearm is mandatory, not just a good idea.

Here at Ed’s, we use the proper tools, equipment and best practices for cleaning and repair of all types of firearms.

We even go the extra step to show you what you can do on going to keep your firearm in tip-top shape.


Yes, you can learn a lot by watching YouTube – but….

Tools are expensive and knowledge isn’t cheap.  Improper installation of certain items can be deadly – to you or someone you love.

Gunsmith Pricing

  • Full Cleaning of Firearm: $75.00- We take it completely apart, clean it, inspect it and reassemble.
  • Field Strip: $35.00 – Basic field strip cleaning as recommended by the manufacturer.  Firearm is inspected and properly lubricated  before reassembly.
  • You bring us a gun in a shoe box price (Yes, this happens more than you think): $35.00/hr plus the replacement parts you lost along the way.
  • We install most in store purchased accessories for free. This includes front and rear sites, RMRs, grips, etc (excludes binary triggers).
  • Basic Trigger installation: $75.00  Binary triggers $100.00 (includes installation and test firing/ammo fee).
  • Polishing/Re-Bluing : $35/hr.
  • Flat bench rate $35/hr one hour minimum.