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Ed's is the place to shop for firearms!

We carry new guns, used guns, vintage guns…and we price them to move! You’ve been shopping for guns before. Sometimes it seems like the shopkeeper wants to pay off the mortgage with every gun he sells…not at Ed’s! We price our guns so that they don’t sit on the shelf very long…and your second or third trip into the store will convince you, as the inventory is likely to be very different than when you shopped the first time.

We are a stocking dealer for Glock, Bushmaster, Beretta, Aguila, FNH, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Safariland,  MCK, Truspec, Gatorhawk and Shield Arms. We carry lots of other brands, too.

We quite often have used police trade ins, which represent some of the best handgun values. These guns have holster wear (meaning the finish is worn) but they typically aren’t shot very much and are in excellent mechanical condition. Ask about trade-ins the next time that you swing by!

Gun Transfers

We offer FFL transfers should you buy a gun online or from out of state, and special orders are available should you want to buy something new that you can’t find locally.

Class III Dealer

Ed’s is a class III dealer, which means that we can offer short barreled shotguns and rifles, among other things. Of course, we have lots of regular used guns to choose from-whether you are looking for something to plink with or high dollar shotguns-all priced to move.

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GLOCK Performance Trigger

We have lots of accessories available, too. Whatever your needs–personal protection, hunting, or target shooting–make sure to swing by Ed’s the next time you are in the area. We’ll treat you right!

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The Four Basic Rules of Gun Safety


Handle All firearms as if they were loaded!  Never forget that a gun has the potential to produce serious injury or death in a single instant of carelessness.  Make safe gun handling a habit to be followed at all times.  After you determine that a gun is unloaded, continue to handle it as though it were loaded.

Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction! In selecting a safe direction, you must also take into consideration that a bullet can ricochet or glance off any object it strikes, and that bullets can penetrate walls, ceilings, floors and windows.

Keep your finger out of the gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned the gun’s sights on a safe target and you have made the decision to fire!  By keeping your finger completely outside the trigger guard until you have aimed at the target, you guarantee that any shots you fire will go safely in the direction of your intended target.

Always be certain that your target and the surrounding area are safe before firing!  Remember that a bullet can travel as much as several miles, so you should be certain of what your bullet could strike before you pull the trigger.  Never fire at a movement, a noise, a flash of color, or a rustling bush without positively identifying your target.