Used G43

We often have the opportunity to “buy-back” agencies old service firearms when we supply them with mew ones.  Most of these firearms are in various condition, that would be expected from being used by law enforcement for a number of years.  From excellent to fair condition, all firearms sold are deemed functional prior to sell.


Please understand the laws in your state concerning the purchase of firearms with high capacity magazines or other restrictions. We will not ship restricted firearms or accessories to any State that has laws which restrict the sale of these types of products.

Please note that the firearms listed on this page are police trade-ins.  This means that they were once issued and used by law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Georgia.

Firearms are graded as excellent, good and fair. 

  • Excellent: You should expect a very low amount of rounds being fired, very little wear rings on the nose of the barrel and few scratches.
  • Good: You should expect to find moderate wear rings on the nose of the barrel, some scratches, visible signs of wear on the exterior of the slide from being holstered.
  • Fair: You should expect to find a firearm that has been in service for some time, higher round count being fired, visible marring/rings on the nose of the barrel and wear marks on the  slide from being holstered, and scratches/wear marks on the frame.

All listed  firearms are deemed to be in working order, with no issues of operation.

You are welcome to visit our store to pick and choose your firearm.  If ordering over the phone, we will be happy to send you detailed photos of the pistol you will be receiving prior to shipping.