About Us

Ed Turner began his career as a law enforcement officer with the Dekalb County Police Department in 1986, after graduating from Georgia State University. In 1991, Ed took a job as a supervisor in the newly formed Henry County Police Department. Ed has completed all Georgia POST certifications through the supervisory level, including certification in advanced firearms training. Since then, Ed has grown Ed’s Public Safety into a multi-million dollar company while retaining the individual attention that each customer deserves.

Ed’s experience with other law enforcement distributors made him realize that there was a need for a customer service focused solution for departments in the Atlanta area. Started in 1992, Ed’s Public Safety has grown to include over a dozen employees and now we consistently rank in the top 10 Glock distributors nationwide. One of the reasons for this tremendous growth is that our customers have never heard stories or excuses… and we have no plans to start now. Ed’s Public Safety has always had the goal of being easy to do business with. Whether you plan on buying a thousand guns or one, give us a call. Or send an email. Or a fax. We’ll get back to you promptly with a customized proposal. Once we’ve earned your business, we’ll work hard to make sure that we keep it. After all, our goal is to deliver perfection. 100% of the time.



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